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Maui Schooner Resort is the perfect vacation ownership resort. Its location is ideal for the perfect vacation with activities and amenities to satisfy all ages and vacation desires. In the spirit of enhancing your ownership, Maui Schooners' Home Owner Association has partnered with Great Destinations to expand your ownership opportunities and benefits. Great Destinations is a seasoned team of vacation professionals who will introduce you to an improved vacation ownership program.

How can Great Destinations improve upon my ownership?

  • Great Destinations offers Club Interval Gold – Interval International’s flexible exchange system

    • Exchange throughout Interval’s worldwide network of approximately 2,600 resorts.
    • Choose ShortStay ExchangeSM to take as many quick breaks (from two to six nights each) as available
    • Search and confirm across various locations, unit sizes, and seasons, and for as many stays as available points allow.
    • Combine deposits and trade up to larger units and/or higher-season vacations.
    • Select Interval Options® to apply toward the purchase of a cruise, spa, or golf vacation.

  • Club Interval Gold members also receive these travel and leisure benefits, which may vary by market:

    • Getaway Discounts – $25 off the prices of all Getaway vacation rentals.
    • VIP ConciergeSM – 24/7 personal assistance for purchasing concert tickets, making dinner reservations, and more.
    • Hotel, Dining, and Leisure Discounts – Access to more than 75,000 premium discounts from Entertainment® at
    • Hertz #1 Club Gold® – Complimentary membership that provides expedited car rentals at more than 1,000 locations in 23 countries.
    • Interval Travel® for rates often unavailable to the general public on cruises, hotel stays, rental cars and airline tickets.
    • Member publications including the Interval International Resort Directory (available through complimentary iPhone®, iPad®, and BlackBerry® apps as well), Interval World magazine, and the Go newsletter.

  • Discounted timeshare ownership from around the globe

What you already know about your current ownership at Maui Schooner

  • Maui Schooner is part of the Trading Places International "Family of Resorts"
  • Deed and Title - you own it forever. It becomes part of your estate! Ownership can be passed on to your heirs or it can be resold
  • Great Vacations - a week for exchanging, golfing, or for the kids
  • Incredible Exchanging Power - exchange with the magic trading power of Hawaii
  • Professional U.S. management provided by Trading Places International, a leader in timeshare resort services

For more information, contact Great Destinations at 855.438.7000 or go to their website

About Timeshares

Timeshare is very similar to owning a condominium in which the amenities and the common areas are shared. With timeshare, instead of owning the whole condominium, you own week(s) of Use Time. Owners may exchange their resort time for another resort, or week.

It is clear that timesharing is gaining in popularity according to the American Resort Development Association, the timeshare industry body. If you are regularly spending your hard-earned money to rent hotel rooms, there is a smarter way. For about the same money as it would cost to rent a few vacations in a nice hotel, accommodations can be owned forever in a vacation timeshare condo.

Vacation ownership, also known as timeshare, is redefining leisure travel. Owning a timeshare is your ticket to better vacationing. This means an ever-expanding choice of accommodations, amenities, locations, pricing, use plans, and timeshare exchange. You can tailor vacations to meet your lifestyle needs and travel dreams at more than 5,000 resorts in almost 100 countries around the world.

Timeshare owners typically buy one or more weeks at a specific resort and return to that resort every year or exchange it for time at another of thousands of timeshare properties worldwide. Whether you want to enjoy the beach, a snowy winter ski break, a pampering spa retreat, a luxury cruise, or an annual reunion of three generations at a favorite resort, you can choose the vacation option that works best for you! For a small fee, companies like Trading Places International will perform these exchange services.

Timeshare History

Did you know that timesharing started by accident? The first timesharing project was a ski-resort. A Frenchman decided to share his ski chalet with his friends and family, so he split the ownership into pieces, assigning a month to each of 12 members. It turned out to be a great success–and lots of fun for the members. From this beginning, a new way of vacationing was born. Most vacation ownership resorts today are luxurious, spacious, well located, convenient... and one of the fastest growing forms of travel accommodations.


The following terms are generic to the vacation ownership world and all may not apply to your home resort, but may come in handy when you exchange.

Assigned Week The week you select and use each year for your vacation.

Bank/Banking see deposit

Banked week A credit due as a result of depositing a week with Trading Places International (TPI) or another exchange organization.

Bonus Time Use of your Home Resort during times other than the time you bought.

A Unit/Week given to TPI or other exchange company with or without the concurrent submission of an Exchange Request and prior to confirmation of an exchange into the deposited Unit/Week.

The entity that develops, markets, and sells interests in a Resort.

Your use of a Unit/Week other than that which you own or have reserved at your own Resort (internal Exchange) or another Resort (external Exchange).

Exchange Confirmation Written notification from TPI or other exchange company that your exchange request has been fulfilled and that accommodations have been made available at a Host Resort.

Exchange Fee The fee paid you pay for a confirmed Exchange.

Exchange Request An application for an Exchange which may or may not be concurrent with the Deposit of a Unit/Week.

Family of Resorts
A select group of resorts with which Trading Places International has developed a special relationship making it easier for you to exchange into them.

Fixed Time You own the same week each year. Guarantees you will be able to use the same week you purchased every year provided you are not delinquent in your maintenance fees.

Floating Time If you are current on your maintenance fees, you have the flexibility to select (on a space available basis) the specific week you want for regular use, exchange, or rental in a unit of the same type and season you own.

Home Resort The Resort where you own an interest or are a Member.

Host Resort The Resort into which you have a confirmed exchange.

Occupancy The maximum number of persons that may be accommodated in a Resort unit.

Owner/Member Anyone other than the Developer who has acquired a shared interest in a Resort.

Season That period of the year which you have purchased at your Home Resort as defined by your purchase agreement. Also, various periods of the year as defined by the Host Resort involved in an exchange.

Unit/Week A timeshare estate, interest, or license; a


  1. I have a handicap and need to stay in a room that will allow me to have easy access.
    Just advise the reservation agent that you have special needs. We will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs.
  2. How far in advance can we book a reservation?
    Reservations can be booked 18 months to the date without prepaying maintenance fees. If you elect to bank your week with Trading Places or Interval International, you will have to have your maintenance fees paid for that year prior to banking your week.
  3. If we own a one-bedroom unit, can we upgrade to a two-bedroom unit?
    If you are in need of a two-bedroom unit every year, we recommend you upgrade your ownership to a two bedroom permanently. Please contact Trading Places International at 888-412-9961 or 800-365-1048.

    If you are in need of a two-bedroom unit on an occasional basis, you can through Trading Places. This would require you to bank your one bedroom use week and pay an exchange fee for an internal exchange as well as an upgrade fee.
  4. I would like to request my favorite room. Is there a way to confirm that room and whom should I call?
    Yes, you may specify which room and building number at the time of booking with the Owner Services Department at Trading Places International. All reservations are booked on a first-come first-serve basis and based on availability. Room assignments will only be changed by the front desk for medical or maintenance reasons. To book your reservations, please call (800) 877-7976.
  5. I would like to pay my owners assessment before the end of the calendar year, and do not have a bill. How can I do that?
    Just call Trading Places International at (949) 643-7645. They will take your payment by credit card or they can send you a statement.
  6. What is the smoking policy at Maui Schooner?
    Hawaii Act 295, The Smoke Free Hawaii Law, became effective November 16, 2006. Smoking is prohibited in all MSR units, including the lanai areas as well as the pool area.
  7. Does Maui Schooner Resort have a swimming beach?
    No. Although the beach is not suitable for swimming, the views and sunsets are remarkable.

    If you want to correspond with the board of directors send a letter to Trading Places International and it will be forwarded, or you can e-mail the board of directors.

    Board of Directors MSR
    c/o Trading Places International
    25510 Commercentre Drive, Suite 100
    Lake Forest, CA 92630

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